Mission Trips

      Missionary Work to Thailand - Missionaries Dorrece & Lertsak Tanawat
have travelled several times to Thailand on mission work for the Lord.
Bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the this country
has been our great blessing. We have spread the gospel of
Jesus Christ to orphaned children, bringing supplies along
with singing biblical songs and teaching them English thru
the Lord's book of ABC'S AND 123'S OF GOD, written by Pastor JoVah.
We also enjoyed passing out religious tracts to people on the streets of Bangkok.
I remember our first mission trip to Thailand. After returning back to
the church compound, a buddhist monk called in and wanted to know more
about this Jesus that I was passing out tracts about. What a thrill that was.
We look forward to returning.

Mission Work to India - My Pastor encouraged me to prepare
for mission work even in High School. I made friends with an Indian family
that taught me their culture, stories, how to a make sari and
a Indian candy recipe that I use still today.

I saved money As soon as I was at an age to start working.
After several years of marriage my husband and I also traveled to India.
We brought many different supplies to the people.
I will never forget the faces of the children in one village
that were so happy to receive candy and gum that our youth group
prepared to send. The Spirit of the Lord was so strong in the services that
the people were crying and praising God.

Mission Work in Monrovia Liberia - In 2005
a group of missionaries from the church
(Overseer Debra Ledford, Dorrece & Lertsak Tanawat,
Shirley Deere and Lucia Galvan)
went to Monrovia, Liberia to check on a church
we had supported for many years during
their Civil War. We sent many provisions and supplies to them over the years.
When we visited this war torn country they were in a revival called
"Liberia for Jesus" President Taylor even issued a decree that everyone
should fast for so many days. Even Taylor fell prostrate on the ground
before all the people.. We went everyday to the rally and one day in the arena
I looked up into the sky and saw the face of Christ looking down on us in the clouds.
I turned to the President's children sitting directly in front of me and told them,
you tell your dad, it's going to be alright. Shortly after that the Civil war ended
and Taylor was also removed from office. God is in Control.

Mission work in Jamaica - In 1984
The Lord had Pastor JoVah to send me (Dorrece)
on my first mission trip to Jamaica along with a teen mission group.
Before boarding the plane my Pastor handed me
a small glass fish upside down on a hook,
and said," when you don't know how to hook them, Jesus does".
Upon arriving in Jamaica there was no transportation to
the compound orphanage. So we slept in the little airport on the floor.
(The Lord was breaking me in quick for my first mission)
The first service night in the sanctuary with no windows or roof,
out in an open field, under the stars. I remember feeling as if
God was looking right down on us. I made friends as we shared
the love Jesus with the children, did skits, baptized souls
and painted the orphanage and ate jerk chicken.
On the way back to the airport along the seashore
a young boy by the name Peter, stopped and asked me to buy a seashell.
"I have no money, but what I have I can give to you."
Peter received Jesus on the seashore that day.
And when I didn't know how to hook him, Jesus did!

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