Debra (Faith)


Praises in Jesus' Name,

Many years ago I, Debra Ledford, came to Newark, Ohio to find that my whole life
would take a total change. I found the Love of God in and through a vessel that
I only thought that it was a story told of the people in the bible, or some one
far away from me of the happenings that they wanted to share.
Never in my life did I ever think that this could happen to me.
This is my testimony of the Love of God for me and how he opened a door for me
to see Jesus in and through a soul that was totally unto God Almighty.

It was a cold night (Night before the blizzard of 1978) as we walked into
a little church building on East Main in Newark, Ohio.
It was a humble little building and as my sisters and I walked in,
I had been previously told that the Pastor there was a lady and as
I walked past the pulpit; there sitting behind the pulpit was a lady with
so much holiness surrounding her and I said to the Lord, "Lord if she is
not the Pastor, she ought to be."

That night I found the Love of God in and through a vessel that was truly for God.
Later the Lord began to have her to minister to one of my sisters and tell them
what was in their heart and laid hands on them. The Holy Ghost was so greatly anointed
in through her soul. Then the Lord had her to say some one is seeking out
the Lord and wanting the Holy Spirit in their life. And the Lord said that
they would receive the Holy Ghost that night. Now, I and my Sisters knew how much
I wanted this. I had said to them and others that I needed someone to pray
with me so I can receive the Holy Spirit. So, then I went up to the Altar and while
I was in prayer, there were others who came up and put their hands on me.
For some reason this did disturb me very much and I couldn't concentrate on the Lord.
And the Pastor got down on her knees and the Lord gave her to tell me if I needed to
go to the back room which was the counseling room, I could do that if
I wanted to; since I felt disturbed and could not concentrate. Then they took me to
the counseling room. They begin to ask me if I had thought about being baptized.
Knowing the conversation that I had to the Lord, I said,
“Lord if I could be baptized like the time of Jesus I know that I would receive
the Holy Spirit. Turning to the Pastor very quickly I said “I know that is
the Lord because I had that message in my heart. I said, I was looking to be
baptized in the spring, the Pastor then said, "Oh honey, you can't wait that long.
She told me that I could be baptized that night, there in side. I was so excited.
I knew I would receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit. I was baptized that night.
On the way home, while I was driving the anointing came upon me and
I was filled that very night with one of greatest happening that ever happened to me.
It was greater that anything I could have ever thought of. God is so wonderful!
His Spirit was so strong on me and those in the car that night; that I had to pull over
on the road side and be put into the back seat.

I went looking for Him, seeking for Him, asking of Him, and I found
the Good Shepherd and Gods' True Shepherd. My life has not be the same.
Now for the first time in my life I was content in being under the Ministry
of the Lord Jesus Christ. Serving Him there in that little building and
receiving the True Ministry of Jesus Christ and understanding the Ministry
that Jesus carried "Sonship" and the Relationship between the Father and the Son.
I am still very content to be here and learning more each day from His Ministry
that he gave His Shepherd in Christ. Just like the night that Jesus told the Pastor
and He had her to tell me, it was just as He said, Hallelujah, Glory and Honor goes to Jesus!!!!

The Pastor always gave Him (JESUS) the Praise. His Pastor always gave the Lord Jesus Christ
the Honor and the Glory. Because He had and has the Pastor in His will
and obedient to Him, I and others are reaping in the blessings, still yet today.

Great wealth of teachings they gave to me and all who has came and heard have been blessed.
He gave me a True Shepherd, who could help my Soul. This is only a small portion that
has been told of my testimony, but true.

Thank you Jesus for you and Your Love

The Lord took Debra K Ledford (Faith) to be home with Jesus and His Love on August 8, 2014



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