Doris ( Desirae )

In my heart I had been searching for that same Holy Spirit
as I had known as a young girl. Others had invited me to go
with them to service. I had said to the Lord,
I will give it one more chance, If I don't feel your Holy Spirit tonight
I will not continue on, I will go back into that world of sin.
Well, I went to service with the others that night and I was called up to the altar.
As Pastor laid her hands on me, I felt the sweet Holy Spirit as I had felt as a young girl.
This was what I had been missing in my life.
Now I was able to serve the Lord as I had desired for so long.

I hadn't been able to take a stand for Jesus before. I just couldn't stay in the Lord.
But now I had found a place I could stand for Him. Here things were so different.
I had a true shepherd who taught me about the Good Shepherd. She taught me that
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. A life without sin.
She taught me how to trust in the Lord, this what what I needed in my life.

I had a true shepherd who taught me how to bring up my children.
Teaching them about Jesus, always putting Him first in their life, brings peace.
Then to continue on to bring up their children in Christ. Parents have an obligation
to bring up their children in the way they should go.

Thru Christ I have found the Tree of Life. My hope is in Him. He is my everlasting Joy.
He is everything I need and more. He is my Life.

I am grateful to God for the Ministry of Christ, that he gave Pastor.
Therefore I have Greatly Benefited from it.

Thank You Jesus, for You and your Love.

Doris Kirk


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