Dorrece Tanawat (Little Star)

My name is Dorrece Tanawat - Overseer by God's Grace.

Set in by His Holy Spirit through my beloved Pastor JoVah

I came to the Full Gospel Sons Church of God on a cold wintery night
in 1978 along with a group of my family.
As my family were trying to find their seats in that little sanctuary;
I stood in the doorway and watched the Pastor walk back and forth
exhuberantly across the puplpit. I said in my heart,
"I don't know what that woman has, but I want what she's got.
I had never even seen a woman pastor before that night.
I fell in love with Jesus at an early age because the gospel message of
Jesus Christ was preached to me through Pastor JoVah.
At age 12, from the baptismal waters The Lord called me to be a missionary.
Later, my Pastor sent me on was to Jamaica at Christmas along with
a teen mission group. We stayed at an orphanage where we worked with
the youth, did skits, painted their cafeteria and their living quarters.
we also ministered to the locals, witnessed baptismals and prayed for the youth
seeking the Holy Spirit. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.
I have since married and continue to go on the mission field with
my husband (Lertsak).

I grew up in the church, under the ministry of Christ
that He gave Pastor JoVah to carry for Him.
Our Pastor wanted to always encourage the youth in Christ,
to support them in anything they wanted to do for the Lord.
So, our Pastor set my sisters and I together as a singing Trio group many years ago.
Our Pastor encouraged us to record an album and we currently have two albums.
The first album was called "Trio sings of Jesus and His Love"
and the second "Joy in the Journey"
I love to minister,sing and do mission work for my Heavenly Father.
My life almost came to abrupt end at age 20 when I was in a horrible car wreck.
It was late, I was driving home tired with my brother and sister in the car.
I fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of the vehicle, went into a
construction site and hit a tree. The roof collapsed down onto my left arm
and severed 90% of it. The roof was so close to my face that as I rolled my
head from one side to the other; my nose touched the roof of the interior
of the car. I told my brother and sister to try and climb out a window and
get some help, but we were pinned in. Finally a gentleman stopped and
called the Emergencies and my family.

It took an hour to cut us out of the car.
The ambulance rushed me to a nearby hospital where they stated, they could
do nothing for me but was amazed that I did not bleed to death. It was as
if my vessels were clamped shut. I was then transported to another hospital
where the the doctor told my family that the arm was so crushed,
like hamburger meat and he would just finish cutting off the 10%.
The doctor staated that even if he tried tosalvage the arm,
it would eventually rot off because it was that bad!!
Well, Jesus has my beloved Pastor there in that waiting room and God told her,
"I want you to pray for the doctor this way, pray that I put a zeal
in his heart to work on this girl's arm) While I was in surgery
the Lord gave my Pastor a vision of Jesus working on my arm and someone wiping
the sweat from his brow while he operated.
Seven hours later the doctor came out and told my family, that he felt so
exhuberant to want to work on my arm and try to save it.
The doctor was amazed of how quickly the nerves in my arm grew and the progress I made.
Glory be to Jesus my Great Physician who used his hands and thanks be
to God for my Pastor, a Wonderful Prayer Warrior in Christ.
I have two hands to raise and praise and clap for my Lord.
Yes, oh yes I have a reason to sing and praise Jesus and shine my light for Him.

Jesus has called me into the ministry and
I have a desire to further the Sonship Ministry that He gave to our Pastor.
I want others to know that there is power in prayer and to share with others the
encouragement and hope that there is in serving Christ!


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